Josh and Sarah make use of a full service presentation, combining 4 main phases to share and communicate the love of Christ and the gospel.  They combine their musical gifting and passion for the Lord to lead a time of intimate and authentic worship.  Then, Josh plays a few instrumental worship songs and/or hymns.  The Holy Spirit works through these familiar songs to touch and soften hearts.  This leads into the message from Romans 5:1-8 focusing on how we need to respond to the gospel, coming to Christ as Lord and Savior.  Josh also shares how God uses the suffering in our lives to grow our character, perseverance and even to give us hope.  In closing, Sarah shares the testimony of how the Lord used the trial of losing her singing voice and being told she'd never sing again by doctors, to teach her of the depth of His love.  She came to a point of being thankful that she'd lost her voice long before God healed her and she now worships with a joy that is contagious.  The goal of this presentation is to point people to Christ and encourage a deeper walk with God.  There are samples of the music, along with recordings of Josh's message and Sarah's testimony below. 

Arrange for Josh and Sarah to share this presentation at your church:

Book One Hope, One Truth