Josh is the son of a pastor who taught him to play guitar when he was 6 years old.  He grew up hearing the gospel taught faithfully but fell away from the church after a time of trials led him to question the love of God when he was 16.  His path of rebellion and self destruction led him into all kinds of trouble and by the time he was 21, he came to a point of hopelessness and surrender.   He cried out to God in brokenness one night after considering suicide and pled with God for forgiveness.  Accepting Jesus as his Lord and Savior radically changed his life and he immediately began sharing the hope of the gospel and praying for the gift of evangelism. 


Sarah also grew up in the church but her path has been very different.  She has loved Jesus as long as she can remember and has sought to serve the Lord.  Josh and Sarah met in 2003 and got married in early 2004.  The two began serving with music almost immediately and felt the call to full time music ministry.  As they began pursuing God’s calling on their lives, they were discipled at Renton Bible Church in Renton, Washington where they lived for 9 years.  During this time, they toured part time sharing music at churches and youth groups before becoming the worship leaders at RBC in 2008 after the birth of their second son.  This led to a time of significant growth in learning how to serve with music in the context of a church with blended worship. 


In 2010 God began to significantly bless Josh in his development as a guitar player and he felt the call to pursue a touring ministry, leading worship and sharing his testimony.  Early in 2011, Josh and Sarah competed in the Washington State Christian Talent Contest as a guitar/vocal combo.  They made it to the finals and caught the eye of some Christian music industry insiders.  It seemed that the doors had finally opened for a full time music ministry but as they began recording their worship CD, Sarah grew hoarse.  After a series of doctor appointments, therapy and procedures, the doctors told Sarah she’d never sing again.  Sarah was devastated at the loss of her gift, career and means of serving God.  She felt worthless, and questioned God and His plan for her life.  After this time of initial confusion, she came to a place of surrender and chose to believe that God is faithful.  It was during this time of brokenness before the Lord that God taught her of His deep love that wasn’t conditional on anything that she could do for Him.  She learned to worship from the depths of her soul, even when her voice couldn’t sing at all. 


In the summer of 2012, Josh asked Sarah if she would be willing to start a touring ministry traveling with him playing solo guitar worship songs and hymns at churches.  After initially thinking it wasn’t a good idea, she was urged by the women in her Bible study to follow the calling that God had put on her husband’s life.  Josh and Sarah spent the next 10 months preparing and went out on the road full time on June 1st, 2013.  They had an amazing response to the music as people felt the Holy Spirit working and inspiring worship during instrumental performances of familiar songs.  By the end of 2013, they had visited over 80 churches, many of which they have returned to since.


In December of 2013, God revealed the next part of his plan for the couple by healing Sarah’s voice.  She began leading worship at churches in January of 2014.  As churches began asking Josh and Sarah to do full services, it became clear through the council of their pastor that Josh needed to begin sharing a message and teaching the word along with his testimony.  God led Josh to Romans 5:1-8 and from the first time he shared this message, there has been amazing spiritual response. 


A pastor at a church which they had visited several times suggested that Josh’s message would work well with the testimony Sarah sometimes shared about her voice.  They tried this approach the next Sunday and have been using this format ever since.  The contrast and yet similarities of the stories of the prodigal son and the church girl both seeing their need for the grace of God give everyone something to connect with.  Also, the theme of God using trials to test our faith and to grow those who love Him, answers the question of why God allows suffering in the lives of believers.

Josh and Sarah started One Hope, One Truth Ministries with the vision of using their gifts to point people to the gospel of Jesus Christ.  They’ve visited hundreds of churches sharing the good news and encouraging people to seek Jesus as Lord and Savior.  They live in their travel trailer with their 2 boys who love the Lord and the adventure He’s called them to. 


Josh and Sarah released a worship CD in September of 2015 which is the first studio recording of Sarah’s voice in nearly 7 years. 


“Thanks for taking the time to check out our site, we hope you’re blessed by the music and encouraged in your walk with the Lord.”

-Josh and Sarah